Boho Queen.

It’s been a while. Today i am going to share a special post here. A while ago i was reached out by a company named Boho Queen Jewelry for a collaboration. To be honest, style jewelries/ accessories have never been my strongest department but i guess no one could really resist jewelries/ accessories so i took a look over their website anyway. The minute i discovered they have statement chokers i knew i would take this opportunity to work with them! You guys probably know how much i love chokers, i basically just went crazy while i browsed. Their statement chokers are unlike any chokers i have got, they are more a luxury version with a lot of gemstones. The truth is I don’t usually wear jewelries/ accessories with gemstones but they made gorgeous designs out of them that I ending up selecting 2 pieces of chokers and 2 pieces of earrings from the company (trust me if my finance support me to choose more i definitely would) and i will be showing you how i will be styling them. I will also link their website and each item’s name and link down below just in case you're interested to get one yourself and you are very much welcome to use the code : BOHOQUEEN for 20% off your purchase. They also added eyewear and swimming suits recently for the summer. So don’t forget to check them out as well. Now enough of talking and lets get into the looks.